Spin Flash Dryer

Spin Flash Dryer

RK Engineering manufacturer , supplier and export in Kenya , south Africa, Canada, US (United States) of  effluent spray dryer, rotary vessel, rector vessel, jaggery juice plant, jaggery plant, papad boiler, thermic fluid heater ,thermic fluid boiler, Spin flash dryer is a easy process for drying Filter Cakes, Pastes and high Viscous liquid. Advantages : Material is directly fed from filter press to dryer. Blessed and supported by the team of adroit professionals, our company is considered as one of the eminent manufacturers and suppliers of Spin Flash Dryers which are widely used for drying of wet cakes and pastes which are sensitive to heat. It consists of a horizontal agitator, which disperses the materials while it comes in contact with the hot air and gets dried.

Features :

  • Material is directly fed from filter press to dryer
  • Less drying time hence less labour handling and quick production
  • Less electricity load
  • Space is 1/3 that of Spray dryer
  • Various product range
  • Energy consumption saving
  • Fuel consumption saving
  • Influence of heat on heat sensitive products is remarkably low even at high temperature
  • Lump breaker with variable speed feed screw feeder for non clogging of feed
  • Only two operators are required to operate the plant instead of number of labourers in conventional drying system
  • The environmental conditions remains clean

Specifications :

  • Condition: New
  • Brand: Excel
  • Place of Origin: Pune, Maharashtra
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Machine Type: Dryer
  • Heating method: steam or electricity or gas furna

Applications :​

  • Starch industry
  • Bagasse industry
  • Minerals industry
  • Pigments industry
  • Dyes industry
  • Phosphates industry